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We could not be happier with the services from Proclaim CRM. Since we use their services we have significantly increased our sales and all of that was done effortlessly without endless and needless training of staff. Everything is cloud based and we do not have to hassle with added software or hardware either.

Salim Behat
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Since we got the CRM system from Proclaim everything regarding our gambling business run smoothly and effortlessly. It was the best choice after we contacted Proclaim to integrate their system which manage accounts securely. Follow up on leads, also comes with valuable tools like workflow, projects, events, reports, meeting and such. I love the fact that it is customizable according to industry as in the gaming industry we have different needs that for example the retail or services industries. Excellent program that I would recommend to anyone regardless of industry.


Tom Forester
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Excellent functionality and seamless sales which increased tremendously over the past year since I installed to Heycanli Bahis and CRM from Proclaim. The SQL based reporting, scheduled reports and matrix reports as well as great analytics make my life as business owner much easier.


Lance Armstrong
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I love the software and would recommend you get it today regardless of industry as it seamlessly integrates with canli bahis websites. I am in the exotic woods industry and very active on all social media platforms which I assure you keep me very busy and giving me no time for any other important tasks related to business. It helped me keeping track of all media and handles my requests and inquiries too. Since it integrates with transactional platforms and ecommerce too I can now stay on top of all customer interactions in no time.  Live score expert at


Peter Post
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It seamlessly works for me since I do not have time to keep track of everything and all my staff already have too much on their plate. After installing the easy to use platform everybody has access to rulet oyna websites at all times and we are able to communicate better while keeping track of possible sales and interested parties into our services. Great program indeed that requires no additional tools and software.


Jonathan Hope
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“I love that it runs across all platforms and operating systems as I was worried that I might have to get everybody the same operating system. It runs seamlessly on my Mac, while my PA uses Windows and even mobiles and laptops are no hassle either. Very affordable and every subscription has data security which is important to any business. Highly recommended program from a reputable company indeed!” Web developer at online casino siteleri